The Genesis of Quave   BUY NOW            large type edition BUY NOW
A Quasi-Autonomous Viral Entity
By John E. Parnell
First book of the Quave Trilogy
Available in soft cover, hard cover, large type, ebook (Kendle, epub, PDF, text), audio book

The story of the titular 'Quave' concerns a group of politically motivated hackers work out of a converted apartment in Queens, New York, and after failing to hack a bank with a tradi-tional virus, decide to create something entirely new - a virus that becomes more than just a virus - a virus that becomes its own functioning entity.

Over the course of the novel, Quave grows stronger. It has the potential to solve global warming, cure cancer, but it has equal potential to destroy mankind. The group of hackers must decide whether to let Quave continue to run free or destroy their own creation. Which leads to another, more terrifying, question - at this point, do they even have the ability to destroy it?
We Are Not Alone   BUY NOW         large type edition BUY NOW
By John E. Parnell and Thomas E. Savage
Available in soft cover, hard cover, large type, ebook (Kendle only)

During her first trip to the International Space Station (ISS), rookie astronaut Angela McGee spots a strange mass of lights. Communicators also pick up a tone which the military-trained Angela recognizes as a code. On another occasion, she sees a UFO, but it maneuvers away before she can take a video of it. Others dismiss her claims, telling her that space plays tricks on one's senses. When Angela finds a drawing of the UFO on the internet, its accuracy convinces her that she is not crazy. On her third mission, after receiving a new code, the ISS shakes violently. Her captain confiscates the records of the event. Fellow astronaut Yuri Barikoff reveals to Angela that he made the drawing. He advises her to keep quiet for her safety.

We are not alone follows Angela's adventure to uncover the truth. During her travels, she is confronted by aliens, cover ups, murders, and conspiracies.

The Adventures of Carter and the Last Dragon   BUY NOW 
By John E. Parnell
First book of the Dragon Trilogy
Available in soft cover, hard cover, large type, ebook (Kendle, epub, PDF, text)
Available soon as an audio book

Carter is a curious boy of about 12 who always enjoys visiting his grandfather whose attic is filled with many marvelous contraptions. One day, he's dropped off at his grandfather's house after his grandfather's funeral.

Carter has the house to himself and goes exploring parts of the house his grandfather had forbidden. While looking around, he finds a strange wooden chest in the attic and opens it.

When he does, Carter is transported to a world within the chest. In the alternate world, he almost immediately crosses paths with a dragon named Azi.

Azi explains to Carter that humans should never enter the world of dragons and vice-versa because if they do, the two worlds might become permanently connected. Dragons would be free to roam and destroy the human world.

The Adventures of Carter and the Last Dragon follows the travels of Carter and Azi in this new world.

The Reach of Man    BUY NOW                   large type edition BUY NOW
By John E. Parnell and Thomas E. Savage
Available in soft cover,

Aiko is an engineer aboard one of the most ambitious space missions ever sent out from Earth. The goal is to reach Mars and set up the first ever research station and colony ... eventually leading to the permanent human settling of the planet. The small crew faces a myriad of challenges and setbacks but eventually reaches the surface of Mars. However, it seems that something ... or someone ... is already there waiting for them.

Aiko and the others must race to find a way to figure out how to communicate with this mysterious new intelligence which is like nothing they have ever experienced before. As strange things begin to occur on the surface of Mars, they realize that they might just have had their reach exceed their grasp.

The Ascendance of Quave continues the story of the world's first Sentient Artificial Intelligence.

We begin with the fallout resulting from Quave's arson attack on Marble Streatham Bank headquarters in Manhattan, and his hacking of the X-37B spaceplane.

These incidents marked the final day of 'Q-1', the era of Quave's arrival and his initial relationship with humanity.

The following era, 'Q2', will began immediately upon Quave's quarantine at Kowala.

Both eras lie in our own short-term future.
The Ascendance of Quave   BUY NOW             
Second book of the Quave Trilogy
By John E. Parnell
Carrie - You've been a very BAD girl     BUY NOW           
Authored by Nicole Ferguson
Available in 6x9 soft cover

Carrie just turned 18 a few weeks ago and she's left home for the first time. She's hooked up three times already, but now she's met the man of her dreams, Jeff. They instantly desire each other! After a few weeks of incredible sex, she makes a startling realization, which might end her relationship with Jeff. They might be brother and sister! This book is definitely for Adults Only!!! It contains material and scenes that might offend some readers!!! Be forewarned.
USO: Unidentified Submerged Object    BUY NOW
by John E. Parnell (Author)

We are not as alone as we think we are in the universe. Aliens are all around us. The problem is that humans don’t want to accept aliens as friendly members of society. They feel the need to exterminate them before the aliens devise a plan to exterminate all humans. The aliens have studied human existence and discovered a way to live among us enough to create their new home under the sea. TONY CHEVERIE, the main character who lives in the small coastal town of Eastport, Maine, is a scientist who comes across the alien’s existence by accident. He wants to help them. The antagonist is Peter McGurk captain of the military weaponry division. Dan wants all the aliens dead.